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Jean-Marc Salzmann, media

Madama Butterfly, Clermont-Ferrand Opera- January 2019


Jean Marc Salzmann embodies a Sharpless full of gravity…. One sentence is enough to perceive a song of beautiful nobility. Opera Magazine-Jacques Bonnaure

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Sharpless takes on unusual relief thanks to Jean-Marc Salzmann, who, with the help of a simple accessory (a cane), gives the action its share of humanity, where everything is only cynicism or excessive candor. The vocal presence of the singer, his diction and his authority, also remind us that the baritone is an essential element in the palette of timbres in the work, especially since the character intervenes at key moments in the plot ( it is to him that Pierre Thirion-Vallet entrusts the care of announcing to us the death of the child of Cio-Cio-San)

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Among the more significant roles,  Jean-Marc Salzman  offers a Sharpless American consul full of humanity, a timbre and a placed voice, a neat diction...
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The Sharpless of  Jean-Marc Salzmann, endearing baritone, illustrates with accuracy and wisdom the maturity of the role and its complexity, in a restraint that prefigures the inevitable. It suggests without revealing.
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The Abduction from the Seraglio by Mozart- Opéra de Metz- Opéra Magazine- April 2015

“Very aware of the seduction of his silver hair, perfect in diction and accent, Jean Marc Salzmann poses a paternal and thoughtful Selim. At least until the explosion of violence which makes him stab his four prisoners in the penultimate scene: the only freedom with the libretto...”


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“Finally, let's not neglect the role of Pasha Sélim, played by Jean-Marc Salzmann. Even if he only expresses himself through words and not singing, he uses his whole voice to eloquently convey a rich palette of emotions: the distance towards Belmonte, the respect he shows towards Konstanze who pushes him away, anger when he threatens to make him suffer all kinds of tortures and especially his clemency granted to Konstanze and Belmonte. Congratulations to him for this theatrical performance! Jean Stephane Deaf Durand

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"Jean-Marc Salzmann was a more violent and cruel Pasha Selim than usual, but he said his text well in a masculine, elegant and well-timbered voice, with a diction of the German language without an accent, which is particularly appreciated. » Jaime Estapà i Argemí


“Very aware of the seduction of his silver hair, perfect in diction and accent, Jean Marc Salzmann poses a paternal and thoughtful Selim. At least until the explosion of violence that caused him to stab his four prisoners in the penultimate scene: the only freedom with the libretto…” François Lehel.

"Jean-Marc Salzmann completed the solo ensemble with his striking baritone voice which made the Tuba Mirum one of the highlights of the evening".

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Review of Médée de Rouen from Forum Opéra:
Jean--Marc Salzmann (Créon) and Marc Laho (Jason) play their roles very solidly. Good actor, projected voice, the
baritone is very accurate both in his singing and in the dialogues.

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Carmen by Bizet- Compiègnes Opera-  Opera magazine - May 2014

"...Let's salute the artistic director Jean-Marc Salzmann, also dashing Zuniga, for the care taken to distribute the smallest role." click here


Damnation of Faust by Berlioz

Courtyard of the Louis XI castle- Festival-  October 2014

"Jean-Marc Salzmann, a real singer and a real actor, completely renews the brief role of Brander, often ransacked by exhausted voices." click here


Bayreuth Festival- July 2013-  From Wagner in abridged version.

"...while baritone Jean-Marc Salzmann excels in the roles of Alberich and Fasolt."  click here  


Carmen by Bizet - Baden Baden -  opera magazine - July 2010

"...Mercedes, Morales, Zuniga  and the remendados are excellent..."

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Letter from the musician- Philippe  Thanh - Concert May 2008

"As for Jean-Marc Salzmann, his musical integrity (even in such overused pages  that the verses of the Brazilian of Parisian life,) and his concern for speaking make us regret that he is so rare and recital and on stage."  click here  


Poème Chaynes radio-concert- 2007 

... with Jean-Marc Salzmann not only do we not lose a crumb of the text but the baritone is fully involved in this discourse and this song that is more dramatic than dark, or the finesse and agility of the orchestral writing  command admiration."

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Carmen by Bizet - Opéra de Lausanne - Le temps-june 2005

"....only Lieutenant Zuniga - excellent Jean-Marc Salzmann endowed with a voice of steel - underlines the military authority"  click here


Cécilia de Chaynes- Avignon Opera- La Provence- January 2005 

"Jean-Marc Salzmann portrays a handsome Leonardo who combines high-level vocal qualities with diction of exemplary clarity." click here  


Weber's Freischütz- Metz Opera-  Classical music - May 2004

"Jean-Marc Salzmann's Gaspard is diabolical without overdoing it. The voice is supple, his calls in the throat to the wolves are enunciated  in a spine-chilling whisper." click here  


Cécilia de Chaynes- Opera of Monaco- Revue Opera May 2001

"Jean-Marc Salzmann (who was just Eda-Pierre's pupil) portrays an excellent Leonardo, vocally and scenically."  click here


Festival Massenet- St-Étienne- La Tribune- November 2001 

An Anthology of French Melody at the Great Church.  click here


Tribute to Dallapiccola- City of Music- January 1999

"...served by the brazen voice of Jean-Marc Salzmann..." click here  


The Merry Widow by Lehar- Opéra de St-Étienne- 1999-2000

"Danilo is interpreted by Jean-Marc Salzmann. An extremely elegant baritone without his timbre, he is also a remarkable actor and the heart of the famous widow can only swoon over this charming and bewitching Danilo." click here


Das Rheingold by Wagner- Trieste- Opera March 1998 

"...Jean-Marc Salzmann's effective Giving..."  click here  


Ariadne auf Naxos by Strauss - International Opera - March 1997

"... Jean-Marc Salzmann impeccable as a master of music..."  click here  


Der Rosenkavalier by Strauss- Opéra National du Rhin- Opera sept 1996

" authentic Straussian breath, in good agreement with Jean-Marc Salzmann's young and full of relief Fanninal..."  click here  


Médée de Charpentier- The New York Times- May 1994  click here  


Carmen by Bizet - Grand Théâtre de Genève - Opera September 1993

"Jean-Marc Salzmann and Georges Gauthier form an impeccable vocal duo..."

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Medea- Opéra Comique- Télérama-  June 1993

"... the panache of Jean-Marc Salzmann..." click here  


Mignon by Thomas - Opéra de Compiègne - Le Monde - 1992 

"Jean-Marc Salzmann (Laerte) is an excellent comic opera baritone who combines a well-timbered voice with obvious acting qualities." click here  


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