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Created in 2009 by Leila Chalfoun, the FestivalOpera de Saint-Eustache has quickly captured the attention of both the media and of opera lovers. Praised for it's innovative and cutting edge productions, the festival has managed to garner audiences from all walks of life, breaking the boundaries, and stereotypes that surround classical music performances. With its impressive record of attracting renowned local and international artists, the festival has continued to astonish critics and thrill audiences with each eagerly-awaited new season. Additionally, the Festival serves as an important training ground for talented emerging artists. The FestivalOpera is a laureat of the Prix Cybèle 2011. Presented in the heart of Saint -Eustache historical district, the festival will present its 10th season in July 2019.

WEB SITE OF FestivalOpéra FOGL   |   YOUTUBE OF FestivalOpéra FOGL

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