Leila Chalfoun, Great Citizen of Saint-Eustache is also President of the LM Opéra Agency and of the Saint-Eustache FestivalOpéra.

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Interview with Leila Chalfoun Ici musique Radio Canada 2019

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Interview with Leila Chalfoun TVBL for the FOSE 10th edition 2019

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Interview with Leila Chalfoun TVBL for the FOSE Concert Benefit 2018

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Interview with Leila Chalfoun on the blog Les bons plans 2016

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2015 Interviews of the St-Eustache Opera Festival

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A sixth 2015 edition of the FestivalOpéra de St-Eustache

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Soprano Leila Chalfoun and her team unveiled the program for the fifth 2014 edition of the FestivalOpéra de Saint-Eustache. The diva Natalie Choquette will be the headliner.

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Media 2014


Concert Voices de chez nous by composer Colin Doroschuk - FestivalOpéra de Saint-Eustache 2013


Leila Chalfoun performs Liu's aria from Puccini's Turandot and

an aria composed for her, by composer Colin Doroschuk entitled: "Leila the bee" ... must see! With Marc-Antoine d'Aragon, baritone in

the role of the composer accompanied by the pianist Jérémie Pelletier.

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La Belle Hélène, The French Opera of New York

"French Opera in New York continued to explore Offenbach's" opera buffa "with" La Belle Hélène "." Lyne Comtois used her rich mezzo-soprano attractive well as Orestes, while Jamie Levine and Leila Chalfoun blood Engaging Courtesans. "
  Review from New York | Ruth Berges | Opera Canada Magazine

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" ... Vocally, the freshest of the principals was Gordon Gietz, whose tenor was well suited to Paris's music. There were also lovely contributions from Jamie Levine and Leila Chalfoun in subsidiary roles ... »
  The New York Times | Music in review by Allan Kozinn | April 27, 1996

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A first concert Around Fauré, February 17, 2012
• Awakening and La Concorde
| Culture, Corinne Guimont | February 17, 2012

Benefit concert of FestivalOpéra, October 2011

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A benefit concert worthy of the FestivalOpéra
• Awakening and La Concorde
| december 2010

Opera arias with soprano Leila Chalfoun
Cosmopolitan overview at Cultural Matinees

• Awakening and La Concorde | Chantal Crepeau

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Concert - At the al-Madina theater
A delicious cosmopolitan overview with soprano Leila Chalfoun

Despite thick and thin, the al-Madina theater continues to present quality shows. The latest is the recital of songs by Leila Chalfoun, accompanied on the piano by Claudette Denys. "
  Edgar Davidian | Orient-Le Jour

"..This evening had a special cachet thanks to the sublime voice of Leila Chalfoun and fingering pianist Claudette Denys. To Chalfoun's admirable voice was added an exceptional stage presence. An attractive presence due to the interaction between her and her audience ... "
- Al Nahar | November 15, 2003

..She charmed the audience with her talent as a soprano and her ability to perform different roles with her immense stage talent. She knows how to move on stage and her movements demonstrate her elegance, her kindness and her graceful femininity ... ... The piano was always present in her intelligence, making itself soft and strong at different times and which brought out the softness and strength in the tone. romantic of the soprano Chalfoun .... Those who missed this recital really missed an exquisite evening expressed with all the knowledge of this opera singer .. »
  The Sapphire | November 16, 2003

Today, Leila Chalfoun comes back to us with a program combining humor (and good humor) and passionate outbursts mixing tenderness, poetry and games of love in a beautifully colored overview. A sort of delicious cosmopolitan overview where the bel canto has all the seductions ... ... Salute of applause, wreaths of flowers and reverence from the artists ... A very beautiful evening where the belcantist music shimmers from distant horizons but always welcoming and warm ... "
  L'Orient-Le Jour | November 16, 2003

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At the Beirut Theater
Leila Chalfoun, a limpid and ductile voice

Two encore nourished by generous applause could not satisfy an audience literally delighted with this performance. A performance where vocal virtuosity and stage presence were so proud, mischievous and dapper ... In terms of spectacle, this is called a treat! "
  Edgar Davidian | Orient-Le Jour

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Al-Bustan Festival,
Sullé-Chalfoun, an enchanting duo

“Sylvie Sullé has a warm, strong, voluptuous voice. Leila Chalfoun has full, dazzling highs, the remarkable lows of one. The timbre of a pure beauty of the other united ... "

• Maya Ghandour | Orient-Le Jour


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La vie parisienne, Opéra de Montréal​

« Une mention spéciale à Mlle Leila Chalfoun (Pauline) qui, en plus d'une grande voix, a un talent comique irrésistible. A elle seule sa participation vaut qu'on se rue sur les quelques billets qui restent."François Tousignant, Le DevoirOpéra de Monte Carlo​"Quelle délectation lorsque l'opérette est servie à ce niveau de perfection! Ici magnifiquement servies par Gabriel Bacquier et Frederica Von Stade ainsi que le couple formé par Luca Lombardo et Leila Chalfoun dans les "Contes d'Hoffmann ».​

 Christian Jarniat,  |  La Tribune

L'Orchestre Baroque de Montréal, Mexique
​Le concert fut rehaussé par la présence de la soprano Leila Chalfoun, qui chanta trois arias de Handel: «Piangero la sorte mia», du «Julio Cesare», «Verdi Prati» et

« Tornami a vagheggiar » de l'Alcina. Chacune des pièces fut en dévoilant une à une les qualités de sa voix. Dans la première, la beauté d'un son robuste doté d'un volume qui laisse pressentir la soprano de force; dans la deuxième, la grâce et l'expression lyrique; et dans la troisième, la technique et le don de la colorature.
 Alejandro Fernandez  |  ElNorte, Monterrey

La Cenerentola, Opéra de Montréal
« A cet égard le jeu - et le chant - de Leila Chalfoun et Chantal Lambert sont exactement dans le ton irréprochables. En comiques, nos deux pimbêches font parfois merveille, l'une entraînant l'autre par ses grimaces, poses ou répliques qui adroitement passent la rampe.»
 François Tousignant  |  Le Devoir

« Les Montréalaises Leila Chalfoun et Chantal Lambert sont irréprochables dans ce qu'elles ont à chanter.»
 Claude Gingras  |   La Presse