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October 23, 2012

Trained at the Music Conservatory of Montreal and the Lyric Opera Workshop Montreal, The soprano Leila Chalfoun is the founding director of the prestigious FestivalOpéra des Grandes Laurentides. The influence of this event is such that European, American and even Middle Eastern spectators cast off in the direction of Saint-Eustache at each edition of the Festival. And they come there to hear international artists but also voices from here , under the leadership of Leila Chalfoun, the FestivalOpéra des Grandes Laurentides offers a special place to emerging talents. Every year, at the La petite Église Art Center, she receives emerging artists to discover the beauty of their lyrical talent.

Moreover, in addition to managing the FestivalOpéra on a daily basis, Leila Chalfoun also wears the hat of artistic director of the LM OPERA agency since 1998. As such, she represents performing artists in opera in order to promote their careers both locally and internationally.

And what about Leila Chalfoun's career?  The singer has had the opportunity to perform at the Operas of Montreal, Monaco and NewYork, as well as in France, Belgium, Italy and Austria. These numerous services have been the subject of rave reviews where his professionalism and thoroughness have been repeatedly emphasized. At the local level, Leila Chalfoun is very involved in the promotion of Eustachian cultural events and she collaborates regularly with cultural organizations by sharing her experiences and her international relations. She is also keen to present shows for free as part of Sundays on the promenade to introduce the art of opera to a new audience.

And as founding director of the FestivalOpéra de Saint-Eustache, Leila Chalfoun is one of those who gets involved without counting the cost: she is the one who sees personally to the auditions of the artists, to hiring, to the signing of contracts, to publicity, to the search for sponsorships, the logistics surrounding the shows, the financial balance sheet, and so on. It is therefore not surprising that this talented artist is known and recognized in her milieu. She was also the recipient of a Cybèle prize in 2011, in the category “cultural event with regional influence”.


It is therefore in recognition of her commitment and her influence which reflects on our entire community, as well as for her role as ambassador of Saint-Eustache internationally that the City of Saint-Eustache recognizes the contribution Mrs. Leila Chalfoun's invaluable contribution to our community and named her Great Citizen, the highest honorary distinction awarded by the City of Saint-Eustache.

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