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2013, MARCH 22

The well-known soprano, Leila Chalfoun, was awarded the Arab Woman's Prize in Arts and Culture yesterday by the jury of the seventh GALA des Femmes Arabes du Québec 2013. This prize thus underlined the excellence of her work as much in her career as a soprano as as president-founder and artistic director of the FestivalOpéra de Saint-Eustache and of the LM Opéra Agency, which represents the artists of the lyric scene.

Ms Chalfoun was very touched upon receiving her award and congratulated the nominees in all categories saying she read their biographies and was honored to be nominated alongside them. She received her award with great emotion, thanking and sharing her award with her then collaborator Meti Jori. She also thanked her late mother who always encouraged her, her father Richard, her sister Lory and her brother Anthony as well as her entire family.

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Ms. Chalfoun thanked the City of Saint-Eustache and its leaders, in particular Mayor Pierre Charron, Senator Claude Carignan, deputies Laurin Liu and Daniel Goyer as well as Mr. Raymond Tessier municipal councilor and president of the Arts and Culture Council thanks to which the FestivalOpéra de Saint-Eustache may exist. Ms. Chalfoun also thanked the Board of Directors of the FestivalOpéra de Saint-Eustache and its volunteers as well as the public.

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She invited the public present to come and attend the 4th edition of the festival in July and October 2013. Many personalities were present at this GALA to highlight the excellence of the work of these women in their categories. Ministers Jason Kenney and Pauline Marois welcomed their appointment as well as Madame Louise Harel leader of the official opposition for Montreal. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. Leila Chalfoun received her award from the popular singer Lynda Thalie who won this award in the previous edition.


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