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Pascale B is a recognized figure of the Quebec artist through her reputation in many fields, primarily fashion, photography and as a singer-songwriter, to name just a few...


Following a successful meeting and rehearsal with violinist Helga Dathe and her Stringkatz Ensemble, the Group “Pascale B & the Stringkatz” was born.


After having been present in the international spheres of fashion as one of the first Quebec top models, Pascale Bourbeau began a career as a singer under the name of Pascale B. Her albums Dreamcatcher, Desert Soul, then Aqua Bleu were recorded mostly with her producer friend Don V Louie.


They are composed of original songs in French, English and Spanish; with lounge rhythms, bossa nova, dance, reggae and ballads. Pascale offers a journey into her world; an odyssey of songs full of finesse, simplicity and authenticity. In 'Desert Soul' she covers Frankie Valli's hit 'Can't Take my eyes off you' with a light and very melodious version.


Among her collaborators, we find the great lyricist Luc Plamondon who wrote 'Ma maison de verre' and the musician-composer Andy Blackwell with whom she composed the songs, 'Saturday', 'Barcelona', 'Little Pride', 'Never Say Goodbye' and 'Shine'. John Anthony Helliwell, saxophonist of the legendary group Supertramp, generously contributes to his albums.


Pascale B & les Stringkatz are proudly represented by LM Opera Agency

Photo credit Marc Dussault




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