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Guy Lessard, media


My favorite of the 2014 festival was the Wagner aperitif event. Organized by the company  HYPERLINK "" Storms and passions and its artistic director Guy Lessard, this event was a full house during the three performances that took place at the Chapel of the Museum of French-speaking America on July 28, 30 and 31, 2014. (…) Undoubtedly, the most emotional moments were those bringing together tenor Guy Lessard and soprano Luce Vachon at the end of the concert. Giving themselves the line in several arias from the first act of the opera The Valkyries (Die Walküre), the two artists were able to translate all the intensity of Wagner's music, not only by their precise and controlled voices, but also by a disturbing dramatic play.

Excerpt from Daniel Turp's blog, Saturday August 9, 2014 (No 2014-28)


As a second glass, an assemblage of the entry and the duet of Siegmund and Sieglinde from the first act of the Valkyrie with two Wagnerian-born voices, the tenor Lessard and the soprano Vachon. What better way to empty your aperitif glass and go to dinner.  Antoine Raspa, Wagner at the aperitif, International Opera Festival. Infopera September 2014.


Talented singers give life to the character, for example the tenor Guy Lessard....  Guy Lessard happily assumes the role of Alfred, Caroline's suitor and plays very appropriately on the contrast between his appearance, ridiculous and paunchy, and his magnificent tenor voice.

-  THE DAILY, February 16, 2002


Talented singers give life to the characters, for instance tenor Guy Lessard… Guy Lessard brought a happy Alfred, Caroline's love interest, and his acting was well contrasted between the obious “ridiculous” (of his character) and his magnificent tenor voice.

- DON JOSÉ (CARMEN) Palais Montcalm, Quebec (Chœur Les Rhapsode inc.)


Towards the end of the first act,  we saw the birth of Don José's passion. What sadness in the flower you threw at me! What despair! His warm voice gave us chills. We knew he was in pain. In a few seconds, Guy Lessard succeeded in making us forget the toreador. Don José continued to move us scene after scene.  Until the end, we stayed close to him and lived with him the loss of his love. And when the one he adored died in  his arms, when the blood of the one for whom he had left everything smeared his hands, when he cried, lying next to her body, we cried, we too.

-  Mylène Gilbert, THE SUN, June 6, 2002)


…We have seen Don José's passion, so much emotion in “the flower you threw at me”.  His warm voice gave us goose bumps, we suffered with José.  In a few seconds Guy Lessard made us forget about the Toreador.  Act after act, Don José never ceased to touch us and we felt the downward spiral of his love.  When, at the end,  José was crying with the lifeless body of the one he once loved in his arms we cried with him.

The timbre is warm and valiant.

- Yves Cantin, INFOPERA, May 2002


The tone of his voice is warm and heroic.

- CITIZEN'S DAY (Recital of opera arias) Sainte-Thérèse, New World Philharmonic Orchestra


It must be said that if the public was delighted, it was largely due to the performance of the musicians and soloists, Guy Lessard and Luce Vachon. /  I must say that if the public was pleased it was mostly because of the musicians and the soloists, Guy Lessard and Luce Vachon.  - Mychel Lapointe, JOURNAL DU NORD, August 21, 2002



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