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“Grieg's Concerto requires perfectly slender fingers and great sonic power. Dana Nigrim has all of that, plus great musicality.”

Claude Gingras

“Dana Nigrim is an accomplished technician and a musician capable of real poetic feeling.”

Richard Todd

The Ottawa Citizen

“Succeeding in “playing Chopin” does not only require a technique; perhaps more than for the interpretation of any other composer, the pianist must somehow give priority to emotion, leaving the technique under the keyboard, a bit like the fertilizer hidden in the soil of a magnificent layout landscaped. The pianists who move by playing Chopin are those who seem to breathe it in while playing it. The soloist invited by the OSTR on Saturday November 13, 2010 rendered with dignity this skin-deep sensitivity, this emotion both discreet and lively which distinguishes a mechanical interpretation from one which touches the senses more. The technical challenge inherent in the formula of the concerto was brilliantly taken up by the pianist of Romanian origin, particularly during the third movement's finale, where the frantic race of the fingers on the keyboard gives the impression of a fire artifice of notes.”

Marie-Josee Montminy

Le Nouvelliste



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Program and upcoming concerts

Virginia Zean 

Ms. Nigrim is an excellent pianist who plays with authority and confidence and who exhibits tremendous facility, sense of style, musicality and temperament. Her solo playing is outstanding, and her vocal accompanying and sight-reading skills are remarkable. Because of her sophisticated European cultural background, her knowledge of languages and personal fascination with vocal repertoire, she has proved to be not only a fabulous accompanist but also a very fine vocal coach.


Therese Sevadjian 

Dana Nigrim is an extremely talented and artistically superior pianist. She not only possesses a vast knowledge of both operatic and art song repertoire, but also of style and of many languages. Her experience as a solo pianist is extremely advantageous when it comes to working as a collaborative pianist. She possesses the qualities and sensitivities of a soloist in her numerous and varying collaborations with singers. Dana is an exceptional sight-reader, and her facility with the wide-ranging styles of the vocal repertoire is second to none.


Ron Atkey 

Given her demonstrated musicality as a performer, accompanists and voice coach, Ms. Nigrim would bring to any commercial recording project a broad range of talents. She combines a demure physical presence with obvious artistic talent inherited from her musical tradition, her classical training in Romania and France, and her broad range of musical activities in Montreal. In a commercial world where the production of financially successful classical recordings is a rarity, she appears to have that rare combination of talent which any executive producer would welcome.


Jacques Lacombe 

Dana Nigrim possède une solide technique pianistique doublée d'un sens musical profond. Elle fait preuve d'une grande sensibilité et d'une capacité à s'adapter aux différents styles musicaux qu'elle aborde. Sa grande versatilité l'amène à se produire sur la scène internationale tant comme soliste, chambriste qu'accompagnateur et il m'a donné à quelques reprises de constater qu'elle excelle dans toutes ces fonctions.


Grégoire Legendre 

Dana Nigrim est une musicienne d'une qualité rare qui à chaque fois a fait la preuve d'un talent et d'une énergie exceptionnels, d'une capacité de travail extraordinaire, d'un professionnalisme inégalé et d'un très haut niveau d'excellence. Aussi expérimentée comme soliste concertiste que comme maître de chant, son flair et son expérience en font un atout précieux pour le milieu musical et le grand public.


Robert Savoie 

J'ai chanté professionnellement pendant 30 ans et puis vous dire que j'ai rarement rencontré de pianistes de ce niveau. Au Covent Garden, Robert Keyes possédait ce talent et ce don. Elle sait remplacer un orchestre.

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