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Helene Clermont
Agent-Partner, America

Hélène Clermont has devoted her life to the world of fashion and entertainment. Communication President of the Women's Commission of the PLCQ Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec Section) and President Clermont & Clermont International, it was as a teenager that she discovered the fascinating world of fashion photography with the photographer of the stars Daniel Poulin then she perfected her artistic training under the guidance of Danielle Ouimet at her school and modeling agency.


After having discovered the secrets and the demands of the profession of mannequin and model and after having made numerous fashion shows as well as photo sessions, Hélène Clermont explores the world of show business by taking singing and diction lessons at the singing school of Pierrette Lachance and at the school of Monique Vermont and performing in shows. Subsequently, she took dance lessons at Louise Lapierre's school and jazz ballets and was able to participate in several dance shows, to complete her training, she took acting and actress lessons with the school of Jean-Pierre Bergeron and participated in numerous films and video clips.


With all their advice and with her experience, Hélène Clermont decided to open her own school and agency of models and artists by creating partnerships with agencies in Paris as well as her production company where she presented all these talents. in shows and in television programs, moreover the Co-Founder of the Agency had taken part in one of its shows. Madame Clermont has collaborated with more than a hundred national and international artists for the production of their video clips, also in the field of cinema for national and international productions.


At the cultural level, Hélène Clermont had the privilege of collaborating on international exhibitions of works of art in museums and of organizing fundraising evenings by presenting classical music concerts with artists and musicians. She is also an author for certain media where she signs artistic and cultural articles. As for the corporate world, she is very present in the business world and is also very committed to the status of women and parity. Justice has always been very important to her, very young, she wanted to become a lawyer and took an initiation course in law, she fought all her life for causes that were close to her heart, however the world of " showbusiness ”won it.


After more than 25 years of profession, Hélène Clermont still discovers extraordinary satisfactions which push her to go a little further to promote talents and the next generation in all artistic fields and she remains convinced that there is no limit to human ambitions however in his opinion, devoting to this belief a will and an unfailing personal discipline, success is at the end of the road. The magic is to believe in it, that is its motto.


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