Chantal Dionne in the role of Mozart's Countess of the Marriage of Figaro

"In the main roles, we appreciate the maturity of the performers of the count and the countess, two doctoral students in singing, judiciously distributed. They show here an assurance and a projection which still lack some of their cadets. . "

Pascal Blanchet review the Opera Published in March 2016

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"... A vocalist who can negotiate (vocal) leaps effortlessly, Dionne can certainly bring off a lullaby with simple grace." A singer ... demonstrating her abundant gifts »

.A.Kaptainis, The Montreal Gazette


"ChantalDionne, lyrical soprano with a velvety timbre, impeccable highs, never a song line
hit, doubled with elegiac pianissimo, works wonders in this repertoire.
(Rachmaninoff- Liszt, from his CD Romances) »
BN. Codaex, Médan, France.


«… Chantal Dionne turns out to be a powerhouse in this debut Analekta recital, unleashing torrents of
sound in Rachmaninoff and carrying the simpler tunes of Liszt with natural and disarming musicality. ”
A. Kaptainis, The Gazette Montreal


“In her first steps on the record, the soprano Chantal Dionne does not miss the opportunity to do good
impression. The quality of this Rachmaninoff -‐ Liszt recital owes as much to the timbre of the voice as to the maturity
of the performer who reveals himself in twenty melodies sung with accuracy and generosity. "
Richard Boisvert, Le Soleil, Quebec


“Canadian soprano Chantal Dionne lends her blond hair and touching intonations to Girolama,
which we regret that it only appears in one table. "
Bruno Villien, Opéra Magazine, France


“Chantal Dionne (solo soprano) ... sang splendidly on her own and in concert… newcomer in 20's sound like
pro in her prime. "
A.Kaptainis, The Gazette, Montreal

"Chantal Dionne… a healthy voice and technique and… class…"
C. Gingras, La Presse, Montreal

"This was due tu a more than honest performance from the choirs, a very much appreciated complicity
between the soloist Chantal Dionne (soprano) and Jean -‐ Clément Bergeron (bass); MRSO: A German Requiem, Brahms… two magnificent voices that we would like to hear more often. ”
M. Gingras, TMR Weekly Post, Montreal

"Very distinguished, Chantal Dionne offers a beautiful and fair voice."
C. Gingras, La Presse, Montreal

“We must salute the performances… of Chantal Dionne (Rosalinde)… who was not having the easy part.
Chantal Dionne's vocal maturity was evident in the famous Hungarian Czardas… ”
S. Bergeron, La Tribune, Sherbrooke

"Zerlina (Chantal Dionne) sang and interacted (with Masetto) with a naturalness and ease that brought
a ray of sunlight on this dark tragedy. "

I. Lowe, The Times Argus, Vermont

“As for Lancolie (role in the contemporary chamber opera Des Hommes Useless by F. Caron)
Chantal Dionne… burned the boards of creation. His final tune… was astounding in intensity. A whole
experience. "
F. Tousignant, Le Devoir, Montreal

"The warm applause… echoed the warmth and sincerity which she brought to her characters from
Carmen to "West Side Story."
V. Packman, The Cataracte, Grand ‐ Falls









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